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I. Accomplished Travel Document application form. Please write legibly and fill-in the details/information requested completely. Forms that are not accomplished completely will be returned.

II. Three (3) colored passport photos (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) with white background – without eyeglasses. Digital photographs will not be accepted.

III. The following documents should be submitted in support of the application:

a. The current valid or expired Philippine passport, if available.

b. Original or authenticated copy of the Birth Certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO). For information on how to avail NSO-certified civil registry records, please, refer to item # VIII below. For those born in Brazil, Colombia, Guyana or Suriname, a duly accomplished Report of Birth - which must be registered at the Philippine Embassy - shall be required in lieu of the Birth Certificate.

c. In addition to the documents referred to in item "a," the applicant must also submit other supporting documents which will clearly establish his or her identity as a Filipino citizen, e.g. marriage certificate, school records, driving license, professional ID, or other similar documents.

d. If the applicant is applying for an emergency due to the loss of his/her valid Philippine Passport:

    • an Affidavit of Loss of Passport, duly notarized and signed before a Consular Officer or Notary Public (Cartório Público) or the Captain of the Vessel must be submitted. The applicant must state in the Affidavit the circumstances surrounding the loss of the passport, together with the details of the lost passport such as the passport number, date and place of issue, if known by the applicant. If the passport was stolen, a corresponding Police Report must be attached with the said Affidavit.
    • if available, a photocopy of the data page of the lost passport or other previously issued passport may be submitted. All those applying for a Travel Document for loss of Passport will be interviewed by a Consular Officer. For Passport replacement please refer to

IV. Processing period / releasing time

The processing period for travel document is from one (1) to two (2) days provided all the above-mentioned procedures and requirements are complied with. After processed, the document may be sent to the applicant through mailing. In this case, please consult table of fees for mailing cost accessing this link:

V. Processing fees and other pertinent information: click here

VI. Applicants shall be required to appear before the Consular Officer of the Philippine Embassy in Brasilia, or at any Philippine Consulate General.

VII. NSO-certified civil registry records may be obtained through the following methods:

a. In Person: at the National Statistics Office, East Avenue (in front of SSS), Quezon City or at the Office of the Civil Registrar General, EDSA corner Times St. West Triangle, Quezon City 1104,Philippines;

b. By Postal Service System: address requests for certification to the Civil Registrar General, National Statistics Office, P.O. Box 779, Manila, Philippines; or By E-mail: send the details of the application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
In the alternative, the NSO also processes applications for certification online through its website

VIII. IMPORTANT: If the birth registry record of the applicant is lost or not available, the following documents must be submitted:

a. Certificate of Non-Availability of Birth Record from the Local Civil Registrar of the applicant's place of birth.

b. Original/certified true copy of the baptismal certificate, voter's ID or any other public document indicating birth particulars and Philippine citizenship.

c. Joint Birth Affidavit by two disinterested persons concerning the applicant's birth particulars.

IX. The birth certificate is a prescribed requirement for the application for Travel Document and must be submitted by the applicant. In case the applicant, for extraordinary and justifiable reasons, cannot obtain the birth certificate or does not have a copy of his/her birth certificate, he or she must execute an Affidavit stating the reasons therefore and call the Embassy after the application has been submitted for an interview with the consular officer.

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