PHL Embassy promotes PHL cuisine in Brazilian university

The Philippine Embassy in Brazil performed a cooking demonstration on April 16 at the University's School of Gastronomy, Universidade Catolica de Brasilia. The event was part of the Brasilia-ASEAN Committee's efforts to bring greater awareness of the ASEAN regional grouping and the Philippines to students in Brasilia.

The demonstration was held with 20 culinary students and several University professors attending the event.

Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Eva G. Betita met with Professor Marcus Vinicius Vasconcelos Cerqueira, Coordinator of Nutrition and Gastronomy of the University.

Ambassador Betita thanked the Professor for allowing the Embassy to introduce Philippine cuisine to the University students, stating that the demonstration was only the beginning of greater interaction between the Philippine Embassy and the University.

The latter expressed his appreciation to the Philippine Embassy for sharing Philippine culture to the School of Gastronomy.

The Ambassador presented Professor Marcus with a coffee table book entitled, "Philippine Culinary Vignettes and Period Recipes," to add to the library of the School of Gastronomy.

Third Secretary and Vice Consul Carlyn A. Monastrial explained to the students how Philippine cuisine was influenced by its neighboring countries, and how food plays a significant rote in the dynamics of Filipino relationships. The Embassy showed a video presentation of the Department of Tourism’s promotional campaign, "Its More Fun in the Philippines, " to give the students an idea on how Filipino culture values family, friends and fun.

Filipina chef Remedios Morales demonstrated the method of cooking chicken adobo to the students, who were given their own ingredients and were allowed to prepare the dish themselves. The students were grateful for the experience, noting how easy the dish was prepared and how flavorful it was, and in return, offered to demonstrate a Brazilian dish at the Philippine Embassy. END



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